Simplify your specification writing with a one-stop resource to find the appropriate paint system for each of the 26 architectural surfaces.

Provides detailed information about the surfaces, evaluation of the paint systems for that surface and recommends the proper surface preparation.

Also provides a list of the MPI Approved Products (performance-tested) and offers specifications that can be modified to suit your project.
Maintenance Repainting
In the case of a maintenance-repainting project, MPI provides a method of identifying defects and failures of coatings.

Plus a system (DSD Levels) to establish the degree of surface degradation.

This will assist you in determining the proper surface preparation, level of priming and the appropriate paint system (whether same on same or a compatible system that uses a special primer to “tie” the new system to the old).
Specify Green
Make it easier to specify with “green” MPI paint systems and products. MPI's Green Performance standards guarantee that the products you will specify or use not only meet the “green” standards of the day but also meet with the strict MPI performance standards.

MPI keeps abreast of most of the mandated (Federal – OTC, EC, etc.) and voluntary (LEED) regulations so that you can write your green spec knowing that the “green” paint systems you choose will meet those regulations.
Download the MPI
Guide Specs here

The Master Painters Institute has prepared guide specifications to meet your specific needs.

The specifications were prepared specifically for repainting project specifications. One is for exterior repaint projects and one is for interior repaint projects.